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Poonsup’s story
Poonsup Market 
P.V. Poonsup Co., Ltd, the operator of “Poonsup Market”, operates the business of leasing commercial space on the area of more than 25 rai opening from 8thNovember, 1997. In the end of 1996 continuing to 1997, Thailand suffered the economic crisis. A lot of people became unemployed. Therefore, the Market tried to solve the economic crisis happening at that time by opening the space in the fresh market and around the area for being the bazaar of goods, used products, new and old household supplies to be sold in cheap price without charging the rental fee. This was to help the society and helped the unemployed people to have job and earn income to support their families. After the economy had been improved, Poonsup Market was gradually developed to become Poonsup Market (Thongthom) nowadays.

Products and Services
• There are more than 1,000 stores in Poonsup Market. The Market is the largest center of Pathumthani for spare parts of automobiles, motorcycles, cars, car parts and accessories, car audio, and tools.

• The area is developed from community market to permanent storesof more than 1,500 stores. The traders in the market have been developed from the retailers to the wholesalers of parts of automobiles and motorcyclesboth domestically and internationally.

Remarkable features
• Being the largest center of spare parts and accessories for motorcycles in Thailand
• Being the largest center of car accessories and car audio in Pathumthani
• Being the largest source of new and used equipment and tools where people come in this area
• Being the source of cheap and trendy clothes
• Being the market with food and drink at reasonable prices

Award of the Market
The award of the nice fresh market to buy in the 5-star level in five contractual years of Pathumthani of Ministry of Public Health from 2010 to 2014

Motto of the market Available with cheap price, honesty, stability, and quality
Meaning of the name For the name of Poonsup Thongthom Market, Poon means piling higher and higher until it is full. Sap means money. It implicitly refers to what is considered valuable. It may be intangible. Thong means the gold of tight texture and very yellowish glow. It is the precious metal. Thom means filling the pond or basin with soil or other things in order to be full or piling. Thus, Poonsup Thongthom Market means the area filled with gold and money. Those who trade on this area will have a wealth and richness forever.

Market’s logo
The name of the Market is on the bullion which means that Poonsup Market is located on the area which canbring never-ending richness. It is surrounded by an oval like operating the trade without obstruction. Everything goes well.

Colors of the Market are
Golden yellow which represents gold and blue which represents money


9thJanuary, 2015
the occasion of New Year
Poonsup Market held the New Year merit making by inviting 99 monks from 9 templesfor...
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